2020 was an important year for the field of Canadian psychedelic medicine. For the first time ever, four palliative care patients were granted personal exemptions by Health Minister Patty Hajdu to receive Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy to treat their end-of-life emotional distress. To date, 31 Canadians suffering from end-of-life distress have received exemptions.

Health research is important because it tells us about what works best. Health care professionals and health system decision makers use health research for many reasons. They use it to make advances and improvements in tests and diagnoses, treatments, medicines, and devices. They also use it to inform the way health care services are delivered. Health research is also important to patients and their families; helping them make informed decisions about their care plan.

A team of clinicians and end-of-life specialists; alongside partners from Victoria Hospice, TheraPsil, and the psychedelic medicine assisted therapy community, are interested in generating evidence that explores the use of psilocybin in the compassionate treatment of end-of-life emotional distress.

Listening and learning from patients is an important part of ensuring future health research activities reflect the priorities and interests of those who the health care system is meant to serve.

The purpose of this survey is to hear from you!
What do you think are important topics we should generate evidence on next?


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