Adults aged 17 and older can receive psychiatric emergency services, intensive care and overnight (inpatient) mental health and substance use services at the Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria.

Island Health is committed to providing high quality care and to making improvements to patients’ experiences in Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES). As part of this commitment, Island Health wants to better understand how these services can be improved and be a safe and respectful space to visit and receive care. This work includes planning for a Young Adult Unit (YAU), which will provide emergency mental health services for those aged 17-26 years old. As part of planning for these services, Island Health wants to better understand how patients can have a helpful, respectful and good quality experience, both in PES and in a future Young Adult Unit.

Island Health is asking for feedback from patients, caregivers, families, people with lived/living experience, clinicians, staff, emergency services, and community service organizations to support this work. One way we are seeking feedback is through a survey, which will help us better understand what is working well, what could be improved. For more information on the overall engagement process, visit the Psychiatric Emergency Services webpage.


Acute Mental Health and Substance Use Services – Urgent, short-term care provided to someone who may have a severe mental health diagnosis, mental health issue, or mental health episode.

Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) – Urgent mental health care services provided at Royal Jubilee Hospital

Young Adult Unit – A new unit involving overnight stays being developed in Victoria to provide mental health care services to adults aged 17 to 26.

Person-centred – An approach to health that focuses on the care, support, and treatment that matters the most to the patient and their caregivers.

Survey Length:

The survey can take approximately 7-15 minutes to complete.

Anonymity and Information Sharing:

Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary. If you decide to take part, you can stop the survey at any time. No personal information will be collected. Your answers will be kept anonymous and confidential. The responses you provide will be combined with the responses of other survey participants and individual responses will not be identified.

Please do not include personal identifiable information in the comments (for example, your name, email address, phone number, address, etc.)

Your survey responses are collected through Island Health’s privacy-protected survey platform, REDCap, and will be analysed by consultants on behalf of Island Health. This information is being collected for the purpose of gathering input into Acute Mental Health Services in Victoria and will not be used for any other purpose. Your responses will remain anonymous. This collection is authorized under section 26(e) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (BC). If you have any questions about this collection, you can contact the Island Health team at

We may use direct quotes submitted in this survey for our reports. However, given the above-mentioned privacy and confidentiality rules, no person will be identifiable through these quotes, nor will the quotes be linked to any other responses provided.

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